Nature’s Details


Laidig's Broadway - DetailsSomewhere near the borders of Scotland, possibly Cumbria, there is a story about a patch of trees on a hillside of farmland. Anyone who drives between Scotland and the North of England will know it. They’ll notice it as they come around the bend in the road. Odds are a little voice in their heads will acknowledge it, or will say out loud “there’s that loveheart forest” as it marks the approach of a particular junction. It is a very specific detail in the countryside that is hard to miss.

I say story – in fact there are several. One is that the farmer who owns the land planted this small forest in the shape of a heart out of affection for his wife. Another is that it was a memorial to fallen soldier in WWI. There’s even one about it being the final meeting place of two star-crossed lovers. Alas, it is simply a force of nature, dating back to the Victorian era, but I don’t want to ruin to the mood.

(However, if you do, then you can find the answer here).


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