Scottish Summer: Rare as the Unicorn

Laidig's Broadway - RareThere’s a line over UK way, that goes a little something like this: I love Summer, it’s the best day of the year.

In the land of rain, rain, and more rain, where the clouds love to hug the thermals hovering above the land of haggis, our Summer has so far lasted…

Hang on, counting…

…(And clouds and no rain don’t count, we call that ‘mild’)…

…14 days?

Rarer still is a warm and clear night that doesn’t freeze your proverbials off.

So here it is, as rare as our national animal. After several hours of stoking the bonfire and outdoor chat, an uncommon sight appeared.

Looking forward to seeing it next year!

8 thoughts on “Scottish Summer: Rare as the Unicorn

  1. I wish American summer was more like British summer. I’m tired of needing to run my air conditioner 24 hours a day. And I live in what is considered to be a “colder” part of the country.

    1. It’s a hard life 🙂 But isn’t midwest weather is weird anyway? That’s my memory of it, where the only real difference between there and home was higher temperatures, a touch more sun and regular snow drifts.

      I have a strange relationship with air cons which drives the other half nuts, largely because I acclimatise so quickly (plus-side to all da travel) and he could overheat in an igloo. By night my body temp drops to that of an ice cube meaning I can’t sleep, and so it’s either an arm wrestle for the thermostat or I build a blanket fort.

  2. A-C is nice to have, especially when it’s humid in addition to hot and where my parents live in Arizona, it’s a necessity. But it doesn’t have to be frigid! Too often homes and most stores are simply freezing, which is expensive and uncomfortable as well as not good for you. I use ours only when necessary. My favorite weather is when I can open the windows in the morning to cool off the house and maybe even keep them open all day.



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