The Suppliant Women [rehearsal]

Four days of solid vocal and physical rehearsal – to say my muscles are tender would be an understatement.

For the next 6 weeks I’ll be working on, and eventually performing in, The Suppliant Women – the first production of David Greig’s tenure as the Lyceum’s new Artistic Director. The creative team have recruited around 50 ladies aged 16 to 26 from the Edinburgh area, who will make up the chorus that the play centres around (and yes, it does make me one of the oldest).

Laidig's Broadway - TSWSo for those wondering where I’ve been, or why I’ve been inactive, here’s the reason! All I plan to post about are how rehearsals are going, and a few pictures here and there, so see above! What hasn’t been shown, and even if there was a picture it wouldn’t do it any justice, is the studio: it’s basically an oven, and everyone overheats with minimal movement.


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