Mirror Verde

Laidig's Broadway - MirrorI’ve been looking for a reason to show off these shades, but not one to show off the face… Meh, I’m willing to compromise, anything for the Banner shades. And with all the sun and intermittent rain showers, it’s all gone a bit green out here. …Ok, very green. Doubly appropriate for the Banner shades.

Laidig's Broadway - Mirror 2Anyone who’s been reading along with me will know that my face and I have not been the best of friends for the last couple of years – nor my mirror, now that I think about it. There came a point when I stopped wanting to look at myself. Wanting to go out, wearing nice things on the rare night that I went out; the meagre amount of make-up I have ever worn in my life dropped to an all time low (excluding concealer, after all, I did look diseased) and I guess I just stopped caring.

I used to be the true definition of bed chic (that look where you actually have just gotten out of bed because sleep is king) and genuinely not caring about how I looked – if it was comfy and within arm’s reach of my bed, it would do. For the most part, that remained, but it became a mammoth task trying to completely mask the hell that became my face. I used to like it. I used to take pictures of it and me all the time. Way more than this mandatory selfie generation, because I liked how I looked, the weird faces I could pull, the photoshop and colour filters to cartoonify everything.

It wasn’t until I joined the cast of the show I’m doing and had to have a current picture to hand over, did I realise how few recent pictures I had of myself. Every picture I had been using in the last year were either old or obscured in some way. So congratulations, reader, you are among the first to see how things are going for me these days plus Banner shades. Aren’t you lucky?


7 thoughts on “Mirror Verde

  1. I like the glasses a lot. I recognize that’s a small picture, but with the combination of the mirrored glasses and hair color, you look similar to someone I work with in the picture where your face can be seen in full.

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