The Suppliant Women: Week 3 [rehearsal]

w e e k  t w o
Dried out throat, or a cold? Dry, cold, dry, cold…
A rehearsal-light week by comparison to #1 – instead of several full days of song and movement, we had two (albeit intense) shorter vocal sessions. For most of that week my throat couldn’t make it’s mind up whether it had actually dried out, or if there was a cold lurking. In hindsight it was dry, but it put up a hard fight to convince me otherwise.


w e e k  t h r e e

Writing this mid-#4, I am so happy to be on this side of the weekend. The week started out great – I had my first after school drama session working under Strange Town with a cracking batch of kids, nailed some show music, and waved Laidig Snr and co off on their long-weekend travels. Then Saturday happened. I was due in rehearsal for two 6-8 hour days and, thanks to some monumentally bad planning, I had zero back up animal cover. A day and £85 later, I came home. One down, one more to go, the next challenge being the Sunday bus service (read: a lot of time to kill either side of the journeys).
Somewhere in the mix was the Lyceum’s open day, a fancy interview (behold, my purple back shines forth) and a truck ton of dancing. I still have the most unreal cramp in my calf from Sunday’s vocal and physical rehearsal, with some mysterious bruising around my ankles, leaving me to stagger around my house the following morning like Jim from 28 Days Later, wondering what the feck happened. But, on the plus side, it does feel like we’re making progress, so I’ll take the pain. From that day (and previous days) we’ve managed to create this celebration/dance from bits of body percussion and base rhythms, quite tribal/ritualistic in a way. And for me, I’m a slave for a good beat, so occasionally I forget to move onto the next bit of the routine and wind up crashing into people with as much grace as boulder. Excited for the band’s arrival!

2 thoughts on “The Suppliant Women: Week 3 [rehearsal]

    • This is another conspiracy in the house designed to confuse the humans and entertain the animals: the animals don’t seem to notice there’s something wrong with them. M’lady here, from the waist up, fine; waist down, unfine for at least 3 years. Whether the front end knows or not will forever be a mystery.


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