Waiting for Snow Like…

laidigs-broadway-nostalgiaAs I don’t have access to my harddrive, I decided to have a looky on my desktop and I came across this. The snowstorm of 2010, two solid months of blizzard and, in one day, several foot of the stuff. Pretty to look at; a bitch to navigate when your departure point starts in the country (or if you’re a two foot high spaniel).

Now that we’re in Autumn, people on both sides of the pond are getting in the spirit. From Samhain and All Hallow’s Eve to Harvest and Hallowe’en, and all the folks in between who don’t particularly care but find themselves going “it’s cold now but look at the pretty colours”. Unfortunately in the UK, when the season hits, weather types begin salivating over the next “coldest winter on record” (and by cold they mean snow). A bit like CA, they’re waiting for the “big one”, and they’re almost always convinced this year will be the year.

When I look at this, I feel nostalgia two-fold. The first is over the event itself – I spent a great and unexpected eight weeks at home instead of the flat I was living in during term time (which went on to completely screw up the first batch of second year deadlines). The second is that this was my first ever white Christmas at home. When I lived in Chicago, I had a white birthday in the suburbs which was amazing (even more so aged 6), and then a white Christmas at my aunt and uncle’s in Michigan the following year. When I returned to Scotland, I did nothing but wait. Snow almost always falls in January in the lowlands, rarely before, and as you can see, it took a ridiculously long time to get my wish. Aside from the power cuts, frozen heating and icicles ripping the iron guttering off, I’m glad my wish came true. Not convinced the same could be said for Laidig Snr, mind…

3 thoughts on “Waiting for Snow Like…

  1. I do love me some snow. The fact that we finally had consecutive days this week where it didn’t feel like it was summer was wonderful.

  2. I love winter, too, although sometimes as you say, it can be difficult. I really like living where there are four distinct seasons and enjoy snow immensely (within reason.) 🙂 I always want snow for Christmas and since we live in the Chicago area, we have a chance of a white Christmas.



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