‘Chaos’ or ‘I Just Want My Desk Back’


Chaos: noun. complete disorder and confusion.

This image probably best represents my life of late, chaos being the most appropriate descriptor. That mass of nonsense is a desk…in spirit. It’s where it should be, and currently isn’t. In between looking for, submitting, and creating work, there is also a property hunt, furniture moving and my hallway – or what I like to call “Furniture Limbo”. It’s been like this for a year and still, after everything, I don’t have the one thing missing from switching rooms: a damn desk.

Almost every part of the house is acting as storage, waiting for that special moment to be called upon, and still I don’t have a desk. To top it off, my camera’s misbehaving and so I’m having to make do with my dodgy phone camera.

Probably because I don’t have a desk.

3 thoughts on “‘Chaos’ or ‘I Just Want My Desk Back’

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