Charity Drive Post

The season of giving is almost upon us, so to get a head-start, please check this post out.

In a nutshell, my friend Tim wrote a book a few months back, and between now and 24th December, he will take the profits made from those sales and donate them to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

The book is available on CreateSpace, Amazon, and Kindle. (And if you need more convincing, in the right sidebar, there’s a cheeky link to my review from after its release).

That Tiny Website

Hi. If you found this post, you’re probably on my blog because of my book, An Epilogue to Innocence. From November 1, 2016 through December 24, 2016, all profits I make off of AETI will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. On or around the 24th, I’ll be making a donation to AFSP’s Northern Ohio branch. I’ll post more about that when the time comes.

I’ve seen people in various facets of my life — be it family, friends, co-workers, or acquaintances — have been impacted by suicide. Suicide is a public health issue that changes the lives of so many people. It’s the 10th leading cause of death in the United States[1], and the 3rd leading cause of death among young Americans (15-24)[2]. While I recognize that I — nor any single individual — can change that figure by myself, organizations like…

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