Follow the Yellow Brick Road


laidigs-broadway-magicMade for and gifted to me by Laidig Snr for my 21st. And over twenty years on, and this is still hands down my favourite character I’ve ever dressed up as (obviously updated to fit a substantially taller and larger me). With my birthday coming up next Monday, while I can’t say I’ll be skipping around in this attire (it’s November in Scotland, are you insane?), I’ll be fully embracing the spirit of Dorothy as I craft my next story at my weekly writer sessions. I’ve always wondered what she did after her adventure in Oz. Because she’s a real person, right? The film was a documentary about the obstacle that is Midwestern weather… right?

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10 thoughts on “Follow the Yellow Brick Road

  1. I mean, there was a strong argument that the Wizard of Oz was an allegory about the political climate of the 1890s, however I like your idea that it’s about the dangers of Midwestern weather better.


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