Sunday Round Up #10

When was the last time you looked through the sites you follow?

Feel free to join in and link back to this post! Maybe I’ll discover some new blogs along the way… Otherwise, stick around, you might find something new!


Loud Thoughts Voiced Out

Whether it’s travel, photography or letters to unknown figures, what unites them is the thought that goes into each and every post. A thoughts/opinion blog, blending the personal and topical, where Poornima’s skill in exploring all of the above is wonderfully captivating.

Recent post: Her First

You Monsters Are People

Satire, commentary, politics, all doused in a glaze of bitter wit, “hoping to explain the scam of existence and the void in space that we currently occupy and misunderstand“. Oh, and a side-order of sketches.

Recent post: Found Some Old Jokes

Ramisa the Authoress

A writer and reader of literature (and blogs), Ramisa has an evident appetite for the written word. You’ll find everything from lyrics and what they mean to her, to book reviews, to extracts of her own fiction and the occasional thought piece.

Recent post: ‘Your experience? A billionth of my own’

Spring Tide Voice

Originally invited to follow this blog some time ago, it has grown from quotes, haikus and poetry analysis, to include longer, more articulate pieces on topics and events on her mind. Now at university, I’m intrigued to see the next stage of the site’s evolution!

Recent post: Sing Along

Becky Pedigo

Becky is a comedian and indie author, who’s site contains a wide variety of stories from all stages of her career. Currently, she is in the middle of recounting the effect (that’s putting it mildly) another comic had on her and, honestly, it’s enough to be its own routine.

Recent post: Ah Yes, Now I Remember

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