Purge (The Good Kind)

I recently posted about my difficulty to work and sleep in clutter. I’ve been in a permanent state of clearance for so long, but much like a large bowl of nachos, just when you think you’ve hit halfway, more reveals itself and you have to change tact.

laidigs-broadway-relaxBecause of how much has already gone, it’s a case of losing lots of littler things. And Thursday was the day when 38 littler items vacated the property. 18 DVDs, 18 CDs, and 1 book (some kind soul left this one to me to sort out, thanks guy) were whisked away by a knight and his valiant transit van steed. Topping it off, if unexpected, was a scout leader taking a knackered bike from us for scrap.

Every birthday and Christmas wish-list of late sees me struggle to come up with anything when my year-round aim is to, y’know, have less. A few years ago, I discovered Karen’s site The Art of Doing Stuff, and lurking in among it all was this: Throw Away 50 Things Right Now. While I’ve been doing an annual ransack of my possessions for the last six years, this post simply gave me a number to aim for. (And by annual, I mean continuous).

The most neglected room of Chez Laidig housed this poor boy. In between an attic renovation, storage for (someone elses) clothes and a limbo dumping ground, I wish I was kidding when I said the room was inaccessible. You had to climb over bags and boxes just to get into the room. But now look at him. All shiny, no barriers locking him in. I may not have my desk, but I now have at least one space to relax in. Lucky for me, he likes my company!

4 thoughts on “Purge (The Good Kind)

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  2. I fancy myself to be a minimalist, however I seem to keep acquiring stuff far more than I’d like to. Moving recently really helped me to get rid of a lot of stuff I didn’t see as useful for me — as well as to give them to those who would make better use of them than I would. Too bad I feel like I have a lot more I could get rid of.

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