Red Horizon

laidigs-broadway-new-horizonMy usual obsession – clouds – have been blown into the dust of late, thanks to some cracking sunsets in the last few weeks.

Resolutions have never been my bag, and even if they were, the list would be a mile long because, as ever, I’m always up to something – only wimps use the holidays to relax.

Targets for my blog, however, are always in session, but those posts are reserved for the new year (here’s 2015 and 2016). That being said, I’m so very close to smashing a target I genuinely didn’t believe I could hit: hitting 200 wp followers. I set that at the top of the year (along with some other aims) thinking it was ‘realistic’.

But I still didn’t really believe in it. My monthly view count was drastically down, the interaction wasn’t as high as usual, and there was no way I was going to top what I’d achieved in the previous year. So, I decided to go back to my old monthly view count, and refocus on building a bigger audience.

Long boring story short, the last six months has been a complete turnaround. I recognised my flaws, tweaked a few practices, and the hard work has paid off. I’ve found so many new sites, and so many have found me!

While this photo absolutely symbolises the many things on my personal horizon, it also reflects the home of Laidig’s Broadway and its future. And I’m so excited I get to share it with all of you!

4 thoughts on “Red Horizon

  1. Nice capture.. 🙂

    It usually happens with blog. Not many stick around for long time. Its always good to explore and find new blogs often while still holding on to regular ones. Happy Blogging.. 🙂


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