Hold Your Breath

First ever holiday dinner with my partner’s family.

Second family visit road trip in two weeks, and my back is wishing the hottest of hells upon me.

Third, forth, possibly even fifth garage excursion for our poor VW Polo, meaning the upcoming two and a half hour journey is going to be pure enjoyment in the bucket seat of a Mini Cooper S. I love the lack of suspension!

(Also first long haul drive with the roof down, at night, in winter. Next time, I’m driving).

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4 thoughts on “Hold Your Breath

  1. Good luck with the visits! One question why is the top down on a long haul night time winter drive? It makes me cold just saying the sentence.

    1. That, my friend, is a damn good question. But that’s what happens when you let someone who’s never driven a soft top before drive – my own (very cold) fault.


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