Life in Rear-View

laidigs-broadway-pathAs the year comes to a close, I feel both flat and optimistic about what’s around the corner. Every time I sense change or headway being made, something will always brings it to a shuddering halt – but maybe that’s what wrong with the world these days. We want everything and we want it now; if neither of those are satisfied, we have failed. Be thankful for the small things, etc.

And I try to be. In between recovery and taking baby steps back into reality. I’ve also been in denial about how much I can actually do. It’s hard to be thankful for small things when you feel ready to take on the world but others don’t think so or, worse still, your body won’t let you.

However, talking as though my morale is flatter than the thinnest of pancakes isn’t going to help anything either, so, instead, let’s reflect on the good things that happened.

What did 2016 grant you? A series of life-changing events; a job you always wanted; an adventure to a country you’d longed to go to? I’d love to hear about it below! Here’s mine:

  • Worked for ESAF and EISF for the first time.
  • Had a rehearsed reading of a work in progress.
  • Finished my year long skin treatment.
  • Lost a lot of weight (a mixture of fat and accidentally-gained muscle mass because dingus did the wrong kind of work out) and now back to my optimum.
  • Finishing my third (and final) young writer’s course with an actor’s workshop to boot.
  • Started volunteering as an after school drama assistant with a youth theatre company.
  • Performed in a 4/5 star show.
  • Adopted two ragdolls.
  • Now have a stake in a new home that is more of a project at present (read: building site waiting to happen).

I may post a little something before hogmanay hits, but if I don’t, have the merriest of holidays in the way that befits you, and I’ll see you all on the other side!

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12 thoughts on “Life in Rear-View

    1. Theatremaking as a profession is the aim, but in the mean time, watch this space 🙂 Happy Christmas to you, too!

  1. 2016 was largely a shit year for me. But that said, I published my book! Which you’ve been a relentless advocate for (and I appreciate you for it).

      1. Thanks. I’ll be sending you a Twitter message regarding said project in the next day or two.

  2. 2016 was supposed to be a good year. I had lots of dreams and aspirations and made plans for them as well..but whenever I start something new some or the other thing would go wrong rendering me helpless and I would be back to square one 😦

    1. Nothing quite like being knocked back to lift the mood, huh? I feel you. That’s why I reflected on the good stuff instead of the bad; never give the good stuff nearly as much credit as we do the bad 🙂


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