Against All Odds

A bona fide escape artist – crates, kennels, cat flaps on window ledges.

Gastric surgery for eating things she shouldn’t – twice.

A shattered disc one minute, and walking out of surgery the following day.

Early osteoarthritis.

An extra butterflied vertebrae.


laidigs-broadway-resilientOn the 22nd, this nutter – also nicknamed the Trooper – turned 13. We concluded a long time ago that it would take something pretty major to slow m’lady down. How she’d never been knocked down or hurt on her once frequent breakouts and lone adventures, I’ll never know. But, a couple of months ago, it very nearly happened.

It had been a normal walk – or as normal as you can get with a dog whose back legs are on permanent satellite delay. Less than 15 minutes in the house, she started to wheeze. 10 minutes later, in the car, she stopped breathing. Turned out she’d been stung.

4 hours later, we get a call from the vet asking us to come pick her up. 11pm at night, yes, but if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, she’s ready to go home. Is she?

Like the monster she is, she’d been howling her lungs out for the last couple of hours, as if to prove the point that her airways were working perfectly fine and she doesn’t do recovery, thank you very much.

Resilient is an understatement. We prefer to call it stubborn.


3 thoughts on “Against All Odds

  1. Just started following–great blog site! Your dog sounds as insane as my Titus, who has also managed to survive several incidents and *knock wood* has yet to have any surgeries. Happy New Year!

    • I love the name Titus – some dingus named ours Rosie and there was no way back. Not that it ever mattered – she’s a Welsh Springer, they’re not exactly known for their compliance. And we’d have loved no surgeries, too, but she loves to root. Every emergency always seemed to time themselves just as we were booking her spay, the dipstick.

      Happy hogmanay (new year) to you, too, and welcome!

      • Titus had the original name Angus, which would have been fine except I had a wee cousin named Angus and it would have been awkward at family gatherings. Titus is perfect for him considering his size and his desire to bake his enemies into a pie….Happy hogmanay!


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