Fluffy Hogmanay

Happy hogmanay to one and all, and welcome to the 4th new year of Laidig’s Broadway!

laidigs-broadway-hogmanay-4 As ever, let’s recap on how many of my 2016 targets I achieved:

The main aim of the year was to hit my target of 200 followers. I didn’t think it was possible, but I guess I need to eat my words and say hello to the 85 new members of the Laidig clan! I’ve also upped my followed count by quite a large margin – onwards and upwards!

Through September and October, I posted about a show I was in, from rehearsal room to production (and some final thoughts).

While I still haven’t gotten around to that damn blogroll or the personal site, here is my rejections update as promised: 7 rejections, 2 acceptances, and 3 unknowns.

Targets for the year ahead

• The blogroll. (Just get it done, Laidig, stop putting shit off).
• Design overhaul.
• Find another social media platform to connect to this site.
• Post on time, not in the early hours of the following morning (yes, just like right now, Laidig).

• 300 wp followers.
• Set a new monthly view count – time to resurrect it once more.
• Portfolio site, and link that sucker up.
• Aim for 30 rejections.

Even though we’re only 3 days into 2017, there’s already quite a few things heading in my direction – a building site being the more time consuming. But the magnitude of the unknown is probably the most daunting. There are a few creative projects that I’m really hoping will work out, yet there is no guarantee that any of them will. While I’m no resolution setter, I am aiming to step even further outside of my comfort zone again, and market my talents much better than I have done for a while. So, over the next fortnight, you may see more changes and less posts than usual, but it’ll be temporary and – fingers crossed – something better looking will appear. And maybe some shows of my own!

Thank you for humouring me for a fourth year. Share your aims for the year ahead below!

(And yes, those are our adopted Ragdolls. Do you think they’ve settled in?)

2 thoughts on “Fluffy Hogmanay

  1. Congrats on getting to 200 followers on WP! I’ve got a long way to go to catch up with you, however hopefully it happens eventually.


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