Sunday Round Up #13

When was the last time you looked through the sites you follow?

Feel free to join in and link back to this post! Maybe I’ll discover some new blogs along the way… Otherwise, stick around, you might find something new!


A personal blog, from reviews to sneeze counts. Asking the important questions about character’s hair, fandoms, and why did that show do the thing since 2015.

Recent post: Make Your Own Magic Eye

That Tiny Website

Thought-pieces, lists, and the occasional short story. Known this fellow since my set up (during his then second blog, now on his third, which is why it’s taken this long to get to him), and had the privilege of reviewing his first book.

Recent post: Jealousy and Confusion


A captivating illustrator! Using shoes as her design focus, they’re also accompanied by her own poems. I only wish half of these were wearable…

Recent post: December Kind


“If you were to take a picture of your soul, what would it look like?”. A photographer who can take an image and turn it into a surrealist fairytale – a great place for writing prompts!

Recent post: Pear on a Cruise

Inside the Life of Moi

Another personal blog around the life and imagination of creative mum of three. Cartoons, personal pieces, photography, all with dash of whimsy!

Recent post: Holy Crap! I’m Thirty

7 thoughts on “Sunday Round Up #13

    1. You were always going to be featured, y’silly. If I could have remembered when I first followed your old blog, it would have been waaay back in #1-3, but with your new blog and its self-hosting trouble, it kept pushing your appearance later and later. Basically, I got annoyed and thought to hell with it, I’ma break protocol 🙂


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