Not Your Average Ragdoll


Day #67: Sora discovers the attic ladder

They thought she was too big to climb it.

Too scared to face it.

Too dumb to even think of it.

But today, she proved them wrong.

Be more like cat.

(I would have posted about how a short play I created in less than five days is now up for reading next month, because even I’m surprised, but this is impressive. It’s been 67 days since her and her friend came home from the shelter – “Ragdolls are floor-cats” my arse).

6 thoughts on “Not Your Average Ragdoll

  1. Woah. The play news is pretty exciting. What’s it about? If you can share, that is.

    1. A lady never tells! …I’m kidding, I’ll be talking about it very shortly anyway. But, along with some other writers, it’s…I don’t know if this term works, but a YA play? The best the industry can come up with is ‘a teenage/young people’s play’. Anyway, it’s that, for an all teenage male cast, to be performed alongside an all teenage female play beforehand. It’s exciting 🙂

    1. In a leap-of-faith sort of way, yes. She didn’t seem to think using all of the rungs was a great idea, the oddball.


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