Getting It Done

It’s the third month of the year, and Laidig is a busy-bee once again.

I can’t say what happened, or when, but at some point I decided I needed to hold off less and do more. From sending off applications or submissions within a couple of days of seeing them, to little DIY projects around the house, I’ve been working on upping my reaction:response ratio. I have a filthy habit of putting off things until a later, emptier time frame that doesn’t exist, and invariably wind up cramming until the final minute of the deadline.

Even on here and posting according to my own schedule is often something I struggle with (don’t we all?). I’ve never been the person to throw an entry together in ten minutes or less (mainly because the result is almost always…well, bad), so if I have nothing planned, I’ll skip it and hope the next day will be the one.

Having been ‘under the weather’ with what is best described as severe exhaustion following the demise of my masters in 2014, completing simple tasks in my own time would take a ridiculous amount of work. No two days were the same, meaning there was no way to predict what would and wouldn’t sap my energy. So bit by bit, I’ve been able to do more and more. Sometimes I overdo it, and I go back the three paces I’d just made, but it’s still progress.

Long story short, I’ve been doing a lot of stuff, hence the lacking presence of late. So far there has been (in order of picture) job applications, a script written and subsequently performed, the next round of losing fifty things, a ten year anniversary with easily the oddest person I know (he’s into flowers – anything to make him squeal like a kid), the beginnings of another show for later in the year, a snow related adventure and, for reasons I’m still coming to terms with, I took Laidig’s Broadway to Instagram (head on over and say hi!). There’s plenty more to share, but I’ll save that for another time!

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