Waiting For Spring Like…

First day of Spring, and Scotland was hit with a welcoming blanket of snow (nothing close to America, but similar in the juxtaposition). Last I checked, Spring has a more sunny feel, like this picture from last year. Instead, rain, hail and more snow. It couldn’t feel less like Spring.

And so, we wait.

Laidig's Broadway - Green

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12 thoughts on “Waiting For Spring Like…

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  2. I do enjoy the snow though. It was quite warm today and I was hoping for the snow to come back, as most of it has melted off.

    • I looove snow, but Scottish snow only gets interesting from over the Firth and upwards, so it instead is just like…less annoying rain?

      • See, I wouldn’t have thought that. The town I live in is 13-14 degrees of latitude south of Glasgow, yet we get significant amounts of snow each year.

      • My memory of Midwestern weather has always been super duper warm, or bollock freezing, so decent snowfall doesn’t surprise me (although it does make me a bit envious). Incidentally, our Glasgow (and all across the lowland belt) doesn’t tend to get covered in snowblankets because salty air.

  3. That is a lovely picture!
    Digressing here, but… Scotland reminded me of Outlander I finished reading a few weeks back, and loved reading all the detailed description of the landscape that the author wrote (by visiting just the library).


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