Take Me Back (to Thailand)

Sleeping on planes is not something I do, so regular readers might be aware of my repeated use of aerial shots – what can I say, I like ’em! There’s something about flying away from home and over your next destination that excites me.

It also turns out that aerial shots are not a recent event – this was taken around dawn over Thailand in August ’09, half of the country yet to be kissed by the rising sun. Why sleep with the world rolling below you – can’t miss anything if you never sleep, right?

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6 thoughts on “Take Me Back (to Thailand)

  1. I wish I liked window seats enough to sit by them. The views you can get from a plane are spectacular. But alas — the aisle is my friend.

    1. My Mum’s the same, otherwise she gets a bit claustrophobic. I think I’m only window fan now because I spent sooo many years in the middle seat – curse of being the group shorty for so long.

  2. Lovely picture. I must confess I have never been on a flight. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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