Sunday (Round Up) Best

Holy Sunday Round Ups, Batman –

she once again declared. Last week’s round up officially marked 100 blogs lassoed into the Broadway pen. Born in 2015, its sporadic beginnings took some time to gain momentum (probably down to that whole “sporadic” thing), but as of last week hit its 228th like!

To celebrate, I’m sharing the most popular five Sunday Round Ups.

# t e n  |  # e l e v e n  |  # t h i r t e e n  |  # s i x t e e n  |  # s e v e n t e e n

I hope all of you wonderful readers have discovered some future favourites. Here’s to the next 100!

6 thoughts on “Sunday (Round Up) Best

    • All I’m doing is working through who I’ve followed by date – the more recent I’ve followed a blog, the later they’ll appear in the series, so no a shout-out required, only patience! 🙂

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