“Friends” (or Cute Cat 4 Views)

World in disarray, cuckoo politics, or maybe a bit of a down day?

Me, too. So instead, I’m putting creative stuff on hold, and sharing the one-way friendship I have had to watch not quite work out as planned for the last six months.

Before Christmas, two Ragdolls were brought home from the shelter. And for most of those six months, one of them has been trying extra hard to befriend our head Balinese honcho. So far it’s been, uh, semi-successful? On the one hand, she no longer hisses or fights with them. On the other, she winds them up and is often the subject of the Ragdolls’ chase (yeah, we somehow wound up with energetic Ragdolls, work that one out). And still, they stare at her. A lot.

5 thoughts on ““Friends” (or Cute Cat 4 Views)

      1. Cats are assholes. They make me feel better about humans, as cats are better humans than people are.

  1. Cats are mysterious creatures. It’s taken a couple of years for mine to get use to the new dog, even though she grew up with our other dogs. But they were both female, and the new one is a big male, so who knows? At least now, she’s quite confident and holds her ground instead of running away.

    1. Yeah, I wonder if ours has taken so long to get used to the newbies because she only ever had boys for company that she could beat up and annoy.


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