Alpine Fresco (Photo Challenge Best Of)

Focus is a weird thing.

There’s the practical version. In trying to capture the sky and its alpine horizon by focussing the lens in the twilight, I caught this. Has a weirdly biblical vibe going on, huh?

And then there’s the mental version. When you don’t have a consistent schedule, it can sap all available energy just to maintain it. But focus too much, and you miss a bunch of stuff: deadlines, birthdays (whoops), hitting your 50th Daily Post photo challenge – wait, what?It turns out that I hit the big #50 with my Order in Chaos, and I didn’t even notice! To celebrate yet another Best Of (only less bloggy and more photo), here are my most popular five entries, and an extra personal favourite as a bonus – to make the guessing even trickier, I’m listing them by theme instead of title. Enjoy!

R a r e  |  E a r t h  |  H o r i z o n  |  G o o d  M a t c h  |  M a g i c  |  V i v i d



6 thoughts on “Alpine Fresco (Photo Challenge Best Of)

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