Make Pies, Not Albums

A while back, I told the story of the love-heart forest. How about another I hear you (silently) ask? Go on then, you deserve it.

Until earlier this year, only a select few people understood what on earth this graffiti meant. I don’t know if there’s a world record on maintaining graffiti, but if there was, this would win it.

For those who haven’t spent much of their lives making long-haul drives, we all have markers that signal progress. For me, this has been a halfway point during the long-haul drives of my childhood. Having met my partner (a Northerner with Brum relatives) the bridge now means we’re firmly in the Midlands and we’re never getting out alive (I’m kidding, it usually means an hour to go). Over time, I eventually resigned to thinking “maybe they’re just really proud of their pies“. So, any ideas?Did you guess “a band“? No? What a surprise, me neither. Not until a slow news day almost a year ago where Channel 4 news did a segment on The Pies. Why, you (silently, again) ask? Because after 30 years since forming and painting their slogans, they finally released their debut album. You’re welcome!*

*may contain sarcasm.


3 thoughts on “Make Pies, Not Albums

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