Getting It Done #2

Month seven is now underway, and Laidig is still a busy-bee.

Almost four months to the day, and nearly a year to the day, the two commitments I made to myself is paying off: upping my reaction:response ratio and collecting rejections. While I would have loved to have spent my time doing literally anything else, when you have it in bucket-loads and not much else to do, complaining is futile. So, I endeavoured. A delicious cocktail of applications, submissions and projects, with headaches and insomnia as its chaser.

At the top of the year, I pledged to make it to 30 rejections before the close of 2017. Well, prepare yourself, because in my bag of tricks so far, I have collected: 2 yeses, 2 unknowns and *drum roll* 24 rejections.

The yeses? One you already know about, and the other is getting to join the 70th Edfringe team (has a nice ring*, doesn’t it?)!

With another 3/4 applications awaiting their send-off, taking my unknown count up to 4/5, I’m already at my annual target (a smarter person would have either had them done by now, or, y’know, lied, but I am neither. #sorrynotsorry). Looks like I’m going to have to rethink that aim – would sixty be overkill?

Alongside all of this, as ever, I’ve been up to no good and doing more than I probably need to. The house project is currently on hold, so in its place there are more DIY projects are underway, I finally did my car theory, and yet another purge is in full swing. On here, I’ve been working to maintain my posting schedule, and making better than good on my blog targets, especially that whole ‘posting on time and not in the early hours of the morning‘ (well, except this one, nobody’s perfect).

If you’re wondering why this has appeared in place of the next stage of the Playwright’s (unofficial) Guide series, on Saturday I, along with a fellow few, are taking a much needed break away. I’ve been wanting to do an update for a while, but after the holiday didn’t make sense.

*shame I missed out on team #69, though.

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