Tuscan Skyline

There are many things I love about Scotland. My main gripe?

Clear skies. My favourite pass time when I’m abroad is sitting outside in the evening and star-gazing, and I wish I could do the same at home. So here’s yet another Italy shot from up in the Tuscany hills – look familiar?
(Click on it to get the full effect!)

But Scottish weather is only ever one of two things: warmth (aka “above freezing”) brings cloud*; the cold scares them away. So either it’s sit outside and see nothing, or become the next Captain America.

*Although, that being said, the clouds right now are phenomenal. They’re my all time #2 distraction. Thunderstorms, clouds, mountains, star-gazing, in that order.

6 thoughts on “Tuscan Skyline

  1. But…having clouds around is what makes the clear sky beautiful. Or something sappy like that.

    1. Awwwwwwww.

      I still like clouds. I just like clear skies without the inevitable frost, but those nights don’t exist here. It’s annoying living somewhere with no light pollution, and then the moment you get to really enjoy it, you need Arctic-grade clothes. …well, except for the Blood Moon, that was a surprisingly warm 3am.

      1. I do love me some frost and some Arctic-reminiscent weather. That said, I recognize I’m in the minority.

      2. My favourite frost memory was when our pond froze over. When my dog was a puppy, for the first few months, the pond was spot #1 on her routine every time we’d let her out. That night, she went full pelt towards it, took one step on the ice, skidded right across and jumped off at the other side. She looked so confused.


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