[Fringe] ‘Driftwood’ & ‘Pastor Jambus’

Innocent, playful, and just a little bit special.

Situated in the Paris de Variete tent, the five-strong Casus Circus are drawn to centre-stage, gathering around a low hanging light like incredibly lean and toned moths to a flame. What follows is a compact hour of dance, physical theatre and circus arts – ground and aerial – exploring the beauty of human contact.

With a vibrant soundtrack that fits naturally around the rhythm of the piece (and, unlike many shows, is available for download from their site and on Spotify), we are transported between solo moments under the spotlight, intimate duos and the full set in a dizzying spell of flips, spins and human totem poles. The ensemble dynamic is so tangible, you find yourself personally invested in them pulling off each ever-increasingly amazing routine. While the relationship between the show title and theme isn’t immediately apparent, it becomes an instant and distant memory as the lights go down.

Casus Circus‘, Assembly George Square Gardens

Jesus is coming, and no one is ready, not even us sinners.

Located in the former Fruitmarket night club and sports-bar City and Sportsters, Brewhemia officially opened its doors at the beginning of August with many festival delights up their sleeve. With the sticky dancefloor of questionable life choices now filled with booths and the kind of tables Valhalla would be proud of, the stage and sound desk overlook the floor much in the same way as a monarch over its court.

Fitting, then, that Jesus himself should take centre stage for the show of a life time: sweat bands, ribbons, and the shiniest of loincloths. Played to a room of fishnet-clad nuns, an angel, and punters who weren’t all perhaps aware of the night’s schedule, this was great night for a Tuesday night crowd. My only complaint: while the German in me adores the drinking tables, if you’re going to host live music, sort out a dancing space!

Pastor Jambus’ Holy Haus of Pop‘, Brewhemia


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