Whiteout’s Fair Rollin’ In

It’s those mountains again, tugging at yon Laidig’s heart.

There’s nothing quite like being amongst the snow-caps with a panoramic view, especially as a whiteout begins to descend.
That’s obviously until you remember that the only way off of the mountain is down, and you have to decide whether to race or embrace the inevitable.

Much like waiting for the snow to fall, I’ve now been back in Chez Laidig for almost a week, on one hell of a comedown since the end of the Fringe. Having managed to keep the impending cold at bay until the morning after, it has had free reign to incapacitate me, but I’m starting to think it’s deliberately taking its sweet time, ready to strike when I’m least expecting it.

When I’m not waiting for doomsday to hit, a break from overall posting is being taken to focus on a few things, some of which went by the wayside during the festival. Editing my stuff, other people’s stuff, work stuff, blog stuff, fun stuff, boring but necessary stuff…and waiting for doomsday to hit.

(That has a double meaning now, huh. #topical).

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