Sandwich Italiano

Piazza Bra.

The largest piazza in Verona, and certainly one of the most aesthetically pleasing (if you ignore the resident crane behind the arena). Thanks to a last minute bargain – and, admittedly, an accident that required minimal distance between a bed and the arena – our patch for the night was the third floor of this yellow tardis, overlooking the piazza.Such an unassuming front, with a highly deceptive reception cunningly disguised as…a bar. Having travelled from the tranquility of the mountains to the buzz of Verona, it was an oddly quite space nestled between the other apartments and the restaurants below.

That, or it was the sound-proof windows.

11 thoughts on “Sandwich Italiano

  1. So here I am, at work, minding my own business. I see an email come into my inbox. It’s one of your posts. Yay! But I’m working, so I only glance at it. And that’s when I’m confused. The words pizza bra flash at me. I click away to a different tab, only to click back immediately out of confusion and curiosity. I learn I’m bad at reading.


      1. Good, can’t have you slacking on the job, trying to work out how to make a functional clasp out of dough. Not that I’m now thinking about it, of course…

      2. Clearly you make it out of bell pepper pieces. I don’t like them on pizza, but we’re going for brassiere functionality, not taste. Unless it’s an edible undergarment. Which…it is pizza. So maybe?


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