From Dusk ’til Dawn

For the newbies among you, I have a filthy habit:
I take a lot of aerial photographs.

Pick any of my landscape shots, and I’d wager at least 80% of the ones uploaded are taken from the air, preferably not including the plane window, and avoiding the wings if I can help it. But sometimes, they make for a nice framing device.

Two years ago, I made a trip to my old home, Chicago, and on the return flight I caught the Accidental Borealis (up until last week, it was my most popular photo challenge entry). I don’t tend to sleep on planes, so I spent the entire flight staring out of the window and probably irritating the other passengers with my camera’s incessant clicking. As much as I enjoyed flying into the night, leaving it behind was just as entrancing. So, here’s an unused shot – and trust me, I have a lot of them.For more ‘filth’:
Take Me Back (to Thailand) | Le Grand Bornand | Chicago | Finale | Snow-Capped Devils

CHECK IN: The radio-silence continues from the home-front. The battle with the long list of stuff mentioned last week is still in full swing, and shows no signs of letting up. Admittedly, it’s hard to tell, but I like to think I’m winning…

5 thoughts on “From Dusk ’til Dawn

  1. Oh my, I have a lot of those shots, too. I’m new here, so may I ask – do you, by any means, like to look up just as much as you enjoy looking down?


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