In Romeo’s Footsteps

A wonder to me, everyday to you.

Another day at work for the soldiers of old, tasked with lookout duties. Another walk to work for today’s residents. And another day of work for the tour buses, full of clicks, snaps and chatter.

A bit like Edinburgh, where you trip over history on the way to the shops, there is a plethora of older buildings, all beautiful in their own (sometimes decrepit) way just outside of Verona’s largest piazza. Away and across the city’s marble-lain streets, stands the proud fort walls of Castelvecchio with its battlements still intact. What was ultimately a means to an end some centuries ago, now stands as a city feature with an undeniably haggard charm all of its own. It’s weird how we romanticise things that weren’t originally intended to be so.

CHECK IN: Another week, another update! The to-do list is slowly but surely getting smaller. An audition, a script submission, blog homework, and finally baking the last of last year’s pumpkin (seriously, there was a lot of it), I also managed to squeeze in a new design for the site’s Bio – the picture is temporary until I reshoot it, but it gives you an idea. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!

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