Moth Country

Back to the Tuscan hills.

On the hillside were three lavender bushes being worked day and night by what sounded like the entire global bee and bug population.

My previous attempt at a micro-capture was an accident. Then I saw this little guy, and with much sneakery and stealth, got a snap.

…Turns out I didn’t need to in the end, because there wasn’t a day that went by where this 6-spot Burnet moth wasn’t there, hugging the exact same flower. Wish the same could have been said for the Hummingbird Hawk moth that stopped by, which was way more elusive…

CHECK IN: So I had this plan to do the next installment of the Playwright’s (Unofficial) Guide yesterday, and a Round Up at the weekend, but then the last 5 days happened (featured: an urgent trip to the GP, many wearable layers, heat and pills).

In between muffled hearing and not being able to breathe, the Employment Fairy granted a glitter-and-sparkles-filled wish, debuting this weekend!

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