How Does Your Garden Glow

If in doubt, get your partner’s GoPro out.

The clock struck midnight, and out came the storm. Who needs to be a storm-chaser when the storm comes to you?

About fifteen minutes after this shot, as it rumbled towards and over the house, lightning made ground about 100 feet in front of us – roughly around the bottom line of shiny in the picture. I’ve never moved faster from a window.

CHECK-IN: Introducing the ultimate diet and workout plan. Turn that line from the GP – “it could be pneumonia” – into a common but soul-destroying cold. Ensure your canine-companion, already wobbly on her legs, takes a vestibular episode, and she’ll become your new deadlift squat weight toot sweet. Give it five days, and you’ll be shedding the pounds in no time.

…Also performance rehearsals help, but that’s not nearly as catchy.

6 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Glow

  1. Hey now. Storm chasing was fun. I don’t care that my wife says it’s too dangerous for me to do anymore.


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