Blocked By Cloud

A sunny (for Scotland) day,

only to be photobombed by a cloud.

*insert joke on how the best thing about Rothesay is leaving it, and possibly get lambasted by a bunch of Westerners for it, even though, come on guys, it is slightly true*

CHECK-IN: Since our return from the West coast, there’s been my birthday, two builds, and a shit ton of rain. Our project in the middle of nowhere is underway, which means everything that was moved into the cottage has now been moved back out of it. In a bid to keep insanity at bay, I’ve had to expand my next round of losing fifty things to include the stuff that’s moved back in.

But getting that build-groove back on means those progress updates are now inbound, so if construction-to-cottages is up your street, check in on the ol’ instagram every now and then – in the meantime, have a snoop around my occasional dangles and dress-ups.

5 thoughts on “Blocked By Cloud

  1. We visited Kintyre for a week in July a few years ago and it didn’t rain a drop all week. Locals tried to get us to stay longer. They said they’d never had an entire week without rain.


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