Sound of Silence

Kilchattan Bay.

Save for a dozen houses and part of the West Island Way (not to be confused with the West Highland Way),
there is nothing here.Like many of the isles opposite the mainland’s West coast, these were once their busy trading ports, the water’s highways once filled with boats and ships of all power and size. Of all the places on our tour, this was the quietest spot of all.

We made it to stage 2 of the walk before the light went, and while you can see rigging lights across the water, there was no sound but the water itself. Just a big wall of no noise. That in itself was deafening.

CHECK-IN: To fight the cold, one must be the cold…and sneeze on everything. I think it’s finally shifting, although I can’t decide if that was destiny or a four hour Hogmanay dance rehearsal. Go big or go home!

12 thoughts on “Sound of Silence

      1. “Ice to meet you.” – also also Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin

      2. ” “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky ” – Michael Scott


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