Final Feat: Wool Exodus

And so into the closing week of 2017.

Since my next couple of weeks will be bananas, I thought: why not use these last few days to get those posts off of the back burner, dust off the cobwebs, and make some room for 2018? I’m already doing the same at home, may as well apply it here!

Next on the list: an exodus of wool.

…Without context, that’s a pretty strange statement. Maybe with context i.e. all of that wool in ball and scarf form, it’s less strange.

As I endeavour to achieve the minimalist haven – attained in brief moments, only to be snatched away by anything you can think of that can fill a space – I realised that one of the culprits are projects stashed away. Projects that primarily involve wool.

First it was a few skeins and a crochet hook as a birthday gift. Then someone’s ex lost a parent, and a windfall of unused wool came my way. Then there was the wool I wanted and, y’know, bought. And then there was the odd 7-foot-long scarf (why always so long?!) rescued with plans to shrink, multiply and donate.

Donation has always been the goal, but after several rip-downs and restarts, I had to reevaluate. With skills that aren’t exactly expert, I’ve been trying simple blankets, beanies and scarves, but either I’d never reach the ideal size, or colours would run out. Then trying to balance what colours I know I’ll never use with colours no one would ever want has equally been a nightmare.

Slowly but surely, the wool is going down. Since August, two gifts have been added to a friend’s ever growing collection (also maybe created by me), a final decision has been made about a scarf I’ve been wrestling with for at least year and is now on its way to becoming smaller scarves, and a rug for our heat-seeking missiles (read: cats) is halfway done.

(That last one has been the most effective on the wool stock.
Lucky for me, there’s more than one radiator!)

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