Final Feat: Rejection(s)

And so into the closing week of 2017.

Since my next couple of weeks will be bananas, I thought: why not use these last few days to get those posts off of the back burner, dust off the cobwebs, and make some room for 2018? I’m already doing the same at home, may as well apply it here!

Next up: rejections.

For the newer readers (and the forgetful ones), I came across this concept of aiming for rejections two summers ago – the thought process being that the more rejections you aim for, the higher the probability of success. Liao‘s aim is 100 a year which, in the literary world, seems both a toughie and more feasible given the larger ratio of creative writing opps to playwriting ones.

So, I attempted a scaled-down version in 2016 of 20 rejections. Taking the differing industries and the year’s remaining five months into account, I ended the year on 7 rejections, 2 acceptances, and 3 unknowns. I knew I was never going to submit to 20 different things, but 12 wasn’t too bad a stab at it.

With Hogmanay around the corner, I’ve almost concluded a year’s trial on this wagon, and I’m into it. I fully committed to the concept, and it managed to almost pay for itself inside the first half of 2017. An honest mistake, I swear!

I had planned to talk about in my usual Hogmanay post, but I can’t keep it to myself for much longer. Having applied and submitted to 35 things this year – jobs, competitions, auditions – I can officially say I have both met my year’s submissions target and rejection count in a oner.

With numbers like these, I’d say we all deserve rejection.

S U C C E S S E S  |  3 2  R E J E C T I O N S  |  2  P E N D I N G

8 thoughts on “Final Feat: Rejection(s)

  1. This almost makes me want to do a blog post on my job hunt struggles. Not completely…but kind of.

    1. I mean I’d obviously encourage you to do it because I’m ever the encourager. Depends on the angle(s)? A thorough rant piece would probably make you feel a bit better, but I don’t know if that’s a good thing to have connected to you while you’re mid-search… What was it about this that sparked that thought?

      1. I mean, it’s probably not a good idea mid-search. But it’ll be something I do once this is all done. The fact that it’d be a good piece of reflection is what sparked the idea…at least I think so.

    1. Thank you! It’s an odd perspective, but at the risk of sounding a bit cliché about it all, it just feels like a healthier way of looking at ‘success’. For me anyway 🙂


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