Belated Hogmanay


H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R !

I hope yours was spent in the most befitting fashion. Mine?
Performing in room filled with love, booze and truck ton of g l i t t e r.

As mentioned during my week of emptying my drafts folder, my hunch about January shaping up to be a busy one has, so far, been pretty accurate. From physio to work, and a short-lived second visit to the land of No Wi-fi, I haven’t had the chance to do or even think about my annual plan for the year. But, better late than never – no rest for the wicked, eh?

2 0 1 7  i n  r e v i e w :

The main goal for 2017 on this blog was about better networking and building connections – I mean who doesn’t love a blether with their fellow blogger? Off I went on my merry way to find more sites, and in return, more sites found me! (Literally 70% of 2017’s goal; very neat and tidy).

Having put monthly view targets on hold in 2016, I revived it, upped it, and achieved what I aimed for. I set up and connected my Instagram under laidigsbroadway (so original), hit my 30 rejections, and I’ve finally, finally, created that blogroll. And, for kicks, I revamped my About page, too.

2 0 1 8 ‘ s  p l a n  o f  a t t a c k :

350 wp followers | 3 photo challenges per month | A static page about my own work every 6 months | Hit 40 rejections

Well if you don’t push yourself, what’s the point? While I didn’t achieve everything, including a new design and getting my portfolio site hooked up, I do feel extra fuzzy about this little clan of ours. With every month that passes, more of you stop by, and the chatter gets that bit louder!

Onwards and upwards, Laidigs!

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