A Secret Snowfall

Boxing Day, 2am. Snow has fallen.

In six hours, specs will remain. In seven, there will be no trace. Just a secret between me and the nocturnal.

One of my favourite things about snow at night is the way it dampens sound. When it fell, I was the only one awake (animals excluded), and snuck into the attic for a higher view. Where the lack of noise at Kilchattan Bay was deafening, snow simply quashes it. It creates a stillness; not eerie, just quiet.

(The orange glow isn’t a filter, just the light pollution on the snow clouds).

CHECK IN: Things I didn’t think I’d be doing in the new year when this photo was taken? A late night rescue mission for a car with no brakes. Slightly punctured my usual snow-spirit, seeing as we’re also in the middle of a snow week over here, currently sitting with a 4″ fall and more on the way.

3 thoughts on “A Secret Snowfall

  1. Snow is the best weather. It always makes me happy to wake up to snow…even on days where I then get annoyed that I have to clean it off my car.


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