Feline Gatekeeper


the new gatekeeper of our annual Christmas cake recipe.

Previously not ‘kept’ for several decades, relying upon the memory of someone who only remembers to make it less than a month before it’s due to be eaten, Legend states a new Keeper may arise if one ever needs a cooking buddy in the form of a complainer and headbutter…

Last December marked one year with our adoptees. It was also their second Christmas with us, but the first was marred by a combination of settling in and not getting it in the face from the lady running the pecking order.

So really, this was their first proper experience of any kind of holidaymaking at home. In years gone by, any tree, decoration or card was the signal for a certain someone to take them down faster than they went up. Another couple of someones saw the tree as a second bed. Our two newbies?

…not much more of a reaction than the first time. Except for the cake.

CHECK IN: Living among my people (read: snow and mountains), I’ve come to the conclusion that living somewhere snowy several months longer than ‘the holidays’, makes leaving decorations up in the street and shop windows not weird. That or, like me, they can’t be bothered to take them down. I wonder how long the caged bear-bauble season lasts…

5 thoughts on “Feline Gatekeeper

  1. Cat! Cat is a good gatekeeper. I feel like the gates of hell would be better guarded by a one-headed cat than a three-headed dog. Dogs might be scary, but cats are excellent at knocking things into holes. So. Cat.


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