The Writer’s Den: Make Room

Will no one rid me of this troublesome stuff?

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, I am actually alive – alive and de-cluttering my way to freedom. It’s now February, and I realised that I have so many updates, but no theme to put them under…or so I thought. Every year, I aim to declutter in some way – harddrive, wardrobe, folders – because in my head, I’m already living the minimalist dream.
(Shame the inside doesn’t match the outside more often, though).

So, in a bid to make that temporary-but-coveted den a reality (as well as having less stuff at home in general), I reverted to my trusty annual ritual: lose fifty things. Last year was officially my third year towards tidydom, and #4 is very much underway, starting with:


This update already featured in December’s ‘Final Feat’ series: my pompom mat is over halfway, the gifts have left, and I now (finally) have a solid pattern down for animal blankets to later be donated – provided the resident animals don’t find them first.


In a bid to make better use of the space in this room, I had to rethink storage, trying to emphasise the width of the room instead (ok, this is the Before shot, but you get the idea). Bar several a couple of jumpers (they’re bulky, ok?), everything fits. It’s taken some time, but last year alone, 48 items of clothing/textiles were donated.
(My contribution: 12 pieces of clothing, and 6 textile pieces).


If stereos could be soulmates, mine would have my heart for a lifetime. My CDs, DVDs and various books over the years have been an introvert’s dream escape that I’ve yet to find another version of now that I’m older. The nostalgia is so strong when I play through them, but the last time I actually had tv space to enjoy any of them was almost 3 years ago. Now, the DVDs sit looking decoratively organised, albeit impatient to be played. As I was packing up someone else’s 73 tech and books to go, I realised I probably had a few to spare, too.
(My contribution: 9 CDs and 2 books).

[ Coming soon: Unleash the Desk! ]



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