Part-Time Ski-Bum

I know what you’re thinking:

Another mountain? With clouds? And snow? We’re so surprised“.

I make no secret that, if I could, I’d happily live in the snowiest of mountains (you know these ones are particularly snowy because you can’t see them. Real fact).

Instead, I make do with going back to them – any of them – at least once a year.  What would you have me do, it’s either that or drugs, and my vice doesn’t kill…often.

…Ok, bad comparison, moving on.

Wallowing in post-snow blues 6 weeks on from our last adventure, and scrolling through past snow-photos, made me realise how behind I am in my travel features.

So stay tuned on Friday – I feel a whiteout coming on!

4 thoughts on “Part-Time Ski-Bum

  1. I’ve just got back from a week in Morzine where it rained most of the week, I’ve never been so wet! We did manage one glorious day when we headed over to Switzerland, which more than made up for all the misery!


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