Happy Bricks

Old West Coast (of Scotland) proverb:

All who enter here maketh the bricks chipper‘.
. . .
So I made that up, but it’s never too late for churches to adopt a tagline, right? I mean look at this guy. It’s so down with what goes on indoors, even its windows are singing.

Having had a bit of a down day…few days…week, I thought our third surprise snowfall of the year would cheer me up. Snow usually does, and you’d think that today would be no different.

The fire burning, the four-legged fiends snoozing, warm and snug indoors. And for a while, it was nice. Plenty to ‘smile’ about for today’s photo challenge.

But I have a bug lurking. Moods are fickle beasts, that finding anything with the power to make you do something as simple as smile is a task in itself. And then I remembered this place in Inveraray.

I spent the entire time running around the tower mimicking its ‘ah’ face in the sunshine. Every time I look at it, it makes me laugh. Silly, I know, but enough.

7 thoughts on “Happy Bricks

  1. The tower is just singing loudly and quite off key. That’s how I help myself get in a better mood sometimes.

    • That’s also an accurate description of what I was doing when I took the picture. Eeever so slightly annoying my companion/the birds, too.

      • This is why my singing typically takes place in my car. Alone.

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