A Fyne Ale

Why have one liquid,
when you can have many?

(Possibly one of the tagline pitches Fyne Ales binned early on,
but you didn’t hear that from me).

As ever, I’m asking the real questions. With work picking up, plus a random virus from nowhere knocking me flat this week, I could probably go for an entire wall of beer, thank you.

I mean given that I live with a brewer, and could build a fort out of the freebies if I wanted to, you’d think I’d be sick of the sight of beer by now.

…and you’d be half right.

Fyne Ales brewery was one of several pit stops along the West Coast last year, where I took a brewer to a brewery, and as I sipped upon an ale, my brewer had…a coffee.

All neat and tidy, each beer its own cubby, lining the walls under (a lot of) awards. Unlike the beer stacks at home – now at the point of becoming staple furniture.

3 thoughts on “A Fyne Ale

  1. But if you have enough wine barrels or whiskey casks, do you ever really need chairs?


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