Italy | 24 Hours in Verona [I]

Walk with me: you’re not even five days into the holiday and…

A member of the team is on crutches. What do you do? Go to the marble-laden streets of Verona, obviously.
On the one hand, the city is flat. On the other, it’s full of slippery marble and hot cobbles – not amazing on crutches. Cue 24 hours of making said person’s trip as accessible as possible!
*batman transition*First up: accommodation. Part research, but mainly luck on last minute deals, we managed to find somewhere on the Piazza Bra itself. To our left, Arena di Verona. Underneath, a limitless supply of food and drink. In front, life passing (and sometimes sitting on) the bronze statue of Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of Italy. Then to our right, Palazzo della Gran Guardia.

Next: food and Rigoletto.
(For the ‘recently injured but booked in advance’ among you, an unofficial chat with someone on the door = a ticket upgrade. Not that I’m bitter, but all four of us would have had an upgrade had someone brought trousers. I said I’m not bitter!)

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One thought on “Italy | 24 Hours in Verona [I]

  1. But…were there two gentlemen there to show you the town? I’ve been told every patron of Verona gets two gentlemen.


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