Still Alive (blog recap)

Well, it’s still Autumn. The days are even shorter, it’s colder,
but it’s no longer raining. Much.

So grab that duvet again, refill that brew, and let’s talk about something else: plans.

Blog ones. Maybe with some irl writing on the side, who knows? NaNoWriMo has arrived, and I’ve successfully missed it for the last two years – to break or not to break tradition, that is the question.

Yet why I’ve decided to return to blogging with work’s festive season ahead, I’ll never know. But it will be busy, and no plans is a bad plans plan. So here goes.

#1: the posts

When I started LB, I was studying theatre, and I posted show analysis instead of reviews – I’d deconstruct shows to better understand why things were done the way they were (or weren’t). Eventually, the analysis became reviews, and over the blog’s lifetime, I would review the Fringe yearly.

I missed 2018 thanks to work – I didn’t see a single show, and as a long time Fringe-goer, you remember every year you don’t go (I can count my absences on one hand). This year marked the second time – we can blame the hiatus for that. In fact, we can blame the hiatus for a whole number of reviews just sitting in the tank, waiting… Until now.

Before the festive projects take over my life, I need to get these reviews out of my head. Some of them pre-date the summer, and one happened earlier this week. I’d also like to get back into my Unofficial Guide series (could do with the advice myself, to be honest), and then, fingers crossed, some production news/shots when December hits!

#2 the overhaul

I have a filthy habit that I’d like to break this year: completing a site overhaul. I keep starting them, only for life to steal my focus. I think my ratio is about 3 starts to 1 completion, and you’d only have to have a snoop around the place to see that it shows. So this part of the plan? Actually finish said overhaul.

#3 the future

This is a big ‘un, considering I’ve only just returned. The ideal is to balance the shows I’ve seen with work I’m doing – a plot insight here, a character profile there. Eventually, I’ll finish my portfolio site and link the two (the closest I have right now is my instagram, where you can find me on a stage or hanging over one).

Until next week, this time with a review!
2019 Fringe recap is inbound.


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