[Fringe] ‘Showgurls’ & ‘360 All Stars’

2 0 1 9  E d i n b u r g h  F r i n g e  R e c a p
‘360 Allstars’
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Returning to the Fringe after six years, 360 Allstars is a self-described urban circus of all things spinnable. Set against a multimedia backdrop of ever changing scenery, and the lyrical and musical composition of Beau Monga (X Factor NZ Winner 2015) and the multi-award winning Gene Peterson, five acts enter the spotlight to showcase their skills. A two-time world champion BMX flatlander; two world champion breakdancers; a basketball freestyle; a world record-holding roue cyr artist. A fusion of street culture meets street performance, when they come together to create some bizarre hybrid of all talents, that is when this team are their most alive.

The type of crowd at a show changes its energy, and inevitably its outcome. Had this played an evening slot, the breakdance, beatbox and freeflow sections would have killed, even with weird sound mix – without the lyrics projected onto the stage, you were lucky to hear even half of what was said. Instead, this was the 1.30pm slot aka ‘family entertainment’. Each act is undeniably talented; as solo performances, however, they are lacking in the presence needed to carry them off. The breakdancers in an arcade-style dance off – works; the basketball freestyler using an increasing number of basketballs – works; a cyr performance with no expression, and a bmx trick set (with nothing to trick against/on) – doesn’t. However the more group acts incorporating each skill set, the better.

‘360 Allstars’, George Square Theatre

image of event

Set amidst the beer palace of a German-style drinking hall, Showgurl is a four-act drag extravaganza from Brewhemia’s resident queen, Blaze. An immersive drag show throughout the evening, with four equally extravagant dancers to complete the set, we are treated to a glittery feather fever of slick, lip-sync routines from your dreams. On the stage, on the floor, and sometimes on the tables, we are taken on journey from Dreamgirls, to Katy Perry and a touch of Beyoncé, all compared by the equally glittery Jambus and his deviously camp wit. It’s one way hell of a way to spend a Sunday…

‘Showgurl’, Brewhemia


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