[Fringe] ‘Ubu Roi’ & ‘Tommy Tiernan’

The King usurped, the usurper’s friends rejected, and then there’s a war. “It’s basically Macbeth”. Led by the Luden’s Ensemble, the vast world of Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi is brought to life through more mediums and techniques than actors alone. From projection and shadow puppetry, to interactive live-streaming and an endless supply of props, you … More [Fringe] ‘Ubu Roi’ & ‘Tommy Tiernan’

[Fringe] ‘Hyprov’ & ‘Debauchery’

Improv. Hypnosis. Action! For the skeptics, the premise of improvisation under hypnosis will already sound dubious, so expectations on the delivery will be low. For the believers, particularly those living in the murky depths of the show’s audience reviews, disappointment seems a guarantee. So the lowdown: Asad Mecci, hypnotist, asks for volunteers to fill the … More [Fringe] ‘Hyprov’ & ‘Debauchery’

Fringe 2016 Hiatus

August in Edinburgh. Festival filled, streets lined with performers, tourists and people trying to continue to lead their lives through the mayhem. All watched over by the dominatrix owl mascot for this year’s festival. Average August. This year, I’ve barely indulged – my first Fringe date was Monday past. Apart from being in the final … More Fringe 2016 Hiatus

Knees of the Bee

Well well well, it has been a busy few weeks, but I can now reveal a literal and exciting leap into the unknown. At the beginning of February, my plan for world festival domination kicked off…mark two (though I’ll save that story for another time). February is usually the first of the many upcoming festival application … More Knees of the Bee