The Animotion Show

Annoying festivalgoers volume #3… In this fusion of live sound and image creation projected onto a school building that, unless you don’t come from the city, is already renowned for being architecturally gorgeous, it was at times quite a hypnotic experience. Pictures form in front of you from all corners of the canvas; sometimes you … More The Animotion Show

‘Hotel Paradiso’ & ‘The Elephant in the Room’

Hotel Paradiso So warm, why do the venues have to be so warm… Melting up the stairs, and past a Mark Rylance in a neckerchief, we awaited our day in the life of Hotel Paradiso and its resident power-struggling family, situated in the snowy hills of…somewhere. I also think I was among the few who … More ‘Hotel Paradiso’ & ‘The Elephant in the Room’